Miyako International Association
1-1-80 Miyamachi, Miyako
027-0052 Iwate, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)193-62-3534
Fax: +81-(0)193-62-7030
E-mail: info@miyako-kokusai.com

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How to Become a Member of Miyako International Association
Applications for membership are now being accepted !

In order to promote active international exchange in which many citizens are involved, we'd like to invite individuals and organizations/corporations that agree with the objects of our association, as our new members. If you are interested in international exchange and would like to join our activities, if you are interested in foreign languages and cultures, if you are a foreign resident in Miyako and would like to communicate with local people, or if you would like to broaden your horizon, why don't you join us and enjoy international exchange ?
Membership Fee per Year
Individual member: 2,000 yen (student member: 1,000 yen)
Organization/Corporation member: 10,000 yen.
Privileges of Members
1. You will receive publications (newsletters, etc.) from the Association.
2. You will receive information about the events organized by the association before the others.
3. You will be given priority to join various courses, events, and seminars organized by the Association.
And much more !
Member Recruitment Leaflet
How to Become a Member
Please fill in the application form, and then submit it directly to us or send it to us by post, fax or mail.
Application Forms
How to Pay the Membership Fee
After submitting the application form, please pay directly at the association or into the bank account (all bank charges must be paid by the payer).

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Miyako International Association
1-1-80 Miyamachi, Miyako, 027-0052 Iwate
TEL: 0193-62-3534 FAX: 0193-62-7030
E-mail: info@miyako-kokusai.com